About Us

Girls Who Read, Inc. (GWR) is a non profit organization that was founded in Los Angeles, California which aims to empower and inspire girls ranging from fifth through eighth grade through a shared love of literacy and beyond. Throughout the duration of each season, we work with young ladies ranging from 5th-8th grade in order to fill in literacy gaps by providing grade level appropriate resources as well as providing diverse and equitable academic workshops.

 Check out a list of our favorite textbooks below!

  • Winter


    Patina written by Jason Reynolds

    Lexile 710L (5th to 8th grade)
  • Fall


    Chicken Soup for the Girl’s Soul

    Lexile 830L (5th-8th grade)
  • Summer


    The House on Mango Street written by Sandra Cisneros

    Lexile 860L (5th to 8th grade)
  • Spring


    The Story of Frida Kahlo: A Biography Book for New Readers 

    Lexile 820L (5th to 8th grade)
  • Winter


    A Smart Girl’s Guide: Making a Difference: Using Your Talents and Passions to Change the World

    Lexile 840L (5th to 8th grade)
  • Fall


    2021 Affirmations for Girls: Affirmations and Journaling for Girls

    There is currently no lexile level provided for this text.
  • Summer


    A Good Kind of Trouble written by Lisa Moore Ramée

    Lexile 720L (5th to 8th grade)



Our mission is to encourage girls across the nation to recognize and share a love of literacy through diverse texts and academic based dialogue. Our goal is to cultivate a mindset that yearns for the opportunity to empower and inspire others.

Through community engagement, service initiatives, peer accountability, and character building workshops, Girls Who Read (GWR) participants will learn tangible ways to navigate the world with positive thinking, integrity, as well as a growth mindset.

We envision a world free from systematic boundaries that create inequalities within the education system and prohibit our youth from having access to educational resources. Our goal is to curate spaces that allow various figures of influence to speak to our young women and inspire them to manifest their dreams into reality, all while engaging in guided book club sessions.

We seek to gain additional Girls Who Read supporters each year and urge everyone to work alongside us in order to obtain educational liberation. With your help, our impactful practices will aid in providing adequate materials and resources for our participants over the course of the year.


Empower and Inspire

Foster an environment allowing people of color from various backgrounds to share their stories. Each individual plays a role in empowering and inspiring our Girls Who Read to work diligently, use their voice, and impact others in countless ways.

Liberation through Literacy

Motivate our Girls Who Read to conduct meaningful and stimulating conversations with various figures of influence through literacy skills, preparation, and practice. Cultivate an environment where learning is engaging and exciting for all parties involved.

Culture for Service

Contribute to our world in countless ways through tutoring initiatives, community restoration cleanups, and more in order to provide our Girls Who Read the opportunity to acquire life skills and become active members of their community.

Equity and Inclusion

Ensure that our Girls Who Read have access to resources and materials geared towards college and career readiness. A healthy and safe environment can help our participants thrive, regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender identity. We provided the opportunity to share a love of literacy – free from discrimination.